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Director's Notes

In this statement of intentions, I would like to present a technical description of how this film was made: Visa was a non-budget film totalling 100 in production costs. The majority of the shooting was spontaneous and improvised; granting me complete artistic freedom. The film was shot on a Canon 5-D with two lenses and no film crew whatsoever. Most of the time, there was just myself and my partner on set, acting in the same frame with the camera standing orphaned, without the watchful eye of a cinematographer. The rest of the participants were friends, save for one actor. Also improvised, was the interplay between the written word and what unfolded and was documented in the meticulously-framed fixed shots. The editing then recomposed the actuality shots into poetic sequences of observation, both in the film and about the film. Cinema is loaded with examples of no-budget films, some of which are inspiring. I took my inspiration for Visa from the extraordinary work of Jon Jost, who, I feel, creates an amusing and insightful cinematic style as a result of his lack of resources; similar to the philosophic gags in Godard's films.