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Haim-Aaron studying in the Yeshiva

Haim-Aaron with the Yeshiva Head Rabbi

Haim-Aaron deep in thought at the Yeshiva

Haim-Aaron and his father

Paramedics try to resuscitate Haim-Aaron

Rabbis visit Haim-Aaron in hospital

Yanke gives Haim-Aaron a tooth as a gift

The stick insect scene, inspired by Chen Sheinberg's experimental film 'Still Life'

Haim-Aaron's mother worried about her son's changed behavior

Yeshiva Student Supervisor is angry with Haim-Aaron

Haim-Aaron's parents

The fog appears and obstructs Haim-Aaron's way

Haim-Aaron trying to find his way in the fog

Haim-Aaron's father hallucinating the death of his son

Haim-Aaron encounters a horse

Haim-Aaron's father watches his wounded son

Haim-Aaron walking around the empty city

Director, Avishai Sivan, directing Haim-Aaron

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