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• The Haggiag Award for Best Israeli Feature Film. Jury: For its very impressive artistic achievement in telling a deep and delicate story with great sensitivity.

• The Anat Pirchi Award for Best Script - Avishai Sivan

• The Van Leer Award for Best Cinematography - Shai Goldman

• The Haggiag Award for Best Actor - Khalifa Natour

• Official Award - Silver Leopard Premio speciale della giuria (Special Jury Prize)

• Official Award - Special Mention for the cinematography by Shai Goldman

• Independent Juries and Awards - Don Quijote Prize of the Premio FICC/IFFS

• Official Award - Best Director of Photography Award - Shai Goldman

• Official Award Asian Feature Film Competition - Special Mention Silver Screen Award

• Official Award - Prix Spιcial du Jury (Special Jury Prize)

• Official Award - Best Israeli Feature Film. Jury: We the jury have unanimously decided to award this year's award for Best Picture to TIKKUN, for its uncompromising social examination of religious selfhood and sexuality and ability to construct a truly original perspective that walks the line between fantasy and reality. Combined with the masterful visuals we believe that TIKKUN represents a new innovative vision in contemporary Israeli cinema that bridges the fantastic and art house worlds.

• Official Award - Best Directing - Avishai Sivan

• Official Award at Fantaspoa-International Fantastic Film Festival XII, Porto Alegre BRAZIL 2016 - Best Actor - Aharon Traitel

• Ophir Award for Best Cinematography by the Israeli Academy of Film and Television 2016.